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Suggestions for Candidates:

- We prefer receiving resumes in a Word format.  Why?  Because we, like many other recruiters, use “parsing” software to move your resume into our database.   This software extracts your name, phone number, email address, etc. and completes the fields in the database.  The software is able to read the information on your PDF file just fine, however in order to do so it turns the file into a “text” version and saves it as a .doc file.   In effect, your PDF resume becomes very unattractive to read. 

- We prefer that you don’t use a header and footer on your resume.  Why?  Similar to the reason above, the parsing software is unable to read data that is located in a header or footer and if we don’t catch this at the time of the import it’s quite possible that your resume could become misfiled.  

- Please include your complete address in your resume including the city where you reside, your email address, and the best number to reach you.  It may seem silly to even mention this, however a significant number of people fail to provide us with complete information ... and once a resume has been “parsed” (as above) into the database the original email (containing your email address) is often difficult to retrieve.

- We prefer that you reference your first and last name in the “file name” of your resume.  Approximately 30% of resumes received are titled “resume” and, for obvious reasons, it’s in your interest to have your name in the title.

- Please refrain from using “functional” resumes.   Functional resumes may be useful for individuals seeking a career change or to hide gaps in employment, but they are not well received by recruiters.  Employers do not hire recruiters to find great people who wish to switch careers ... they hire recruiters to find specific experience within their industry.

- We prefer that you only submit “one” attachment (your resume) to your email.  If you wish to include a cover letter you can insert it in the body of the email.  (Did you know that recruiters will seldom open your cover letter when it is a separate attachment?) 

- References are great, however they are also best to be pasted into the body of the email.  Business references should be former managers and/supervisors.